Saturday, May 12, 2018

πŸ—£❗️The Art of Elegant Marketing...❗️πŸ—£

by Daniel L Rappaport

"Round about the cauldron go!
What we create, only we know."
 - The Wizard Coven

None so truer words have been spoken by so competent a wizard!

These lines are not only used in our latest social media marketing campaign, but they are also in the very product that is coming your way, from us.

I believe that it is important for these to be done in triple and at around the same time of day. Pazzaria Productions' social media numbers are absolutely growing due to the way that we do marketing.

The software used to create the above pieces is called Adobe Spark Post. It makes creating gorgeous branded posts a complete snap!

I am using this mystery product to create and inspire the marketed content. As I am building the product, so too will more beautiful pieces come from it.

Once I have a piece, that then leads to creating things like this blog post. Pazzaria Productions is represented on no less then seven social media networks. How can one person possibly have the time to engage with so many?

I don't get a lot of sleep.

Seriously.... I use a wonderful piece of software called If This Then That. This allows me to post once on Instagram, and then IFTTT sends it out to the other six.

I must strongly caution against just being a babble machine. You have to engage with others. I download all of the social media apps, and have them in a folder on my mobile device.

Then, during any sort of downtime in my life, I pop them open and engage in conversations. This brings traffic to your social media profiles, and people will take a look at what it is you have to offer, because they like you.

I then take the link to this blog and stick it in an e-mail campaign, that I send out directly after the social media posts are distributed.

It's important to note that when I send out my social media posts, in the description, I do use appropriate emoji (✨πŸ˜ƒ❗️etc...) before and after a main heading (like the heading to this blog post, which is a first for this blog, by the way!).

A huge part of marketing is the synergistic way that it all works together.

What I am currently doing is growing my audience, through these methods. When mystery product finally launches, I will have an audience ready, willing and waiting to see what it is, and then engage in acquiring it very, very quickly.

Of course, no digital online marketing would be complete without a website. I have created ours with Adobe Spark Page. Again, putting it together was a snap! The Adobe Spark products were created with the small business in mind, whom may not have the time, money or resources to hire out a professional marketing firm.

A website should be your command central home for your company, and be a place where everything that you have is linked back to.

That's it for today!

Thanks so much, and please stay tuned for more exciting blog posts!

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