Thursday, May 31, 2018

✨📚iBooks Author + Keynote = Magic!📚✨

by Daniel L Rappaport

"I want to put a ding in the universe."
- Steve Jobs

When I first saw the unveiling of iBooks Author, I said to myself, "My God. Steve Jobs has brought to digital books what Walt Disney brought to amusement parks. I can totally create one. My life is changed."

iBooks are viewable on Macintosh, iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad, and are available exclusively through iTunes.

This successfully brought Pazzaria Productions lightyears into the future, with the ability to create digital books to be more media rich, interactive and exciting then had ever been done previously.

iBooks Author

Keynote, in and of itself, was incredibly impressive. It had web capability (much of that has been filtered into iBooks Author), it could do amazing animations, be hi-def, integrate audio, and have the ability to create very complex presentations in an extremely short period of time.

When I learned that one could import Keynote presentations into iBooks Author, this showcased a tremendous technological achievement in how I was going to create the iBooks.

To this day, Kindle can't come close to what iBooks Author can do; at least nothing that I've seen.

And, people who are using iBooks Author aren't taking full advantage (sadly) of it's incredible media rich capabilities.

It's akin to Walt Disney showcasing what the future of transportation is all about, with, for the most part, the public completely ignoring it, and, in some of the worst cases, calling them "carnival rides".

Now, I am not going to show you how to use the software. There is copious online training for both.

In Keynote, when you create animation, and select "On Click" in the animation panel, your "click" is the tap that someone does on an iDevice.


In certain cases, this is shown as type moving about the screen. In others, I have full on character driven scenes.

In our current incarnation, called The Spellbook (which is in production), each page will receive a small sampling of music. As one flips the pages, the audio will transition from one to the next.

Separately, we will have this suite all put together, and sold through iTunes as a separate album.

This is yet another way of how to use the software, that nobody is thinking about.

Not only have we made a technical advancement, but a marketing one as well.

Stay tuned to see the final results! You will definitely find them spectacular!

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