Sunday, April 29, 2018

How I Compose Music 2 - Reader Q & A...

by Daniel L Rappaport

A very kind reader of mine decided to ask me a number of excellent questions, as it relates to music composition.

Rather then simply answer my guest via the same way that they were asked to me, I thought I might make a blog post out of them, so that many people many receive the benefit of the answers.

This is an addendum to the prior blog post: How I Compose Music.

As well, I have graduated out of GarageBand, and I am now working in Logic!

Here they are:

Can you add some more detail to this? 

Based on what you've written in the blog piece, it sounds like you're just curating loops rather than actually composing original music from scratch. If that's the case, how are you generating melodies?
So, that depends upon the scenario. What I do is when I am viewing a video, I try to think about what the tone and style of the music might be, and then just hear what I think it could be, in my head.

Often times, I may get inspired by actual loops. Often, within the library of loops, they are grouped by name. Ex: Irish Frost. Klezmer Bend. Etc... I often start off in the strings section (because they are the "meat" of the orchestra), and audition melodies. If I find one that I like, I then type in the name of that loop, and see what other instruments come up for it.

I am not just curating loops, copying and pasting anything existing, etc.., All of the music is my own original stuff. 

The way I am putting them together is entirely different then how someone else might.

Often, I won't use a set of loops verbatim either. I will cut them up and rearrange them to create the melody that I want.

I also very much try to keep an open mind. Sometimes, I will take two, three or even four different sets of melodies and put them together.

Another angle of mine is that I try to stay as worldly as possible, should the subject matter speak to that. Think Cirque du Soleil. They use instrumentation and styes from all around the world to create their extremely unique show soundtracks. This not only puts them in a class by themselves, but also lends them to a category all of their own.

How do you match the music to the atmosphere of the story you're soundtracking?
So, I hinted on that above. Again, it's all about what energy and genre the loops are giving me. If I am working with a hip fashion piece, I may not start with strings or woodwinds.

If I am working on a fantasy piece, hip hop is definitely not my go to.

Here are some examples of my work:
The iBooks described herein will be published very soon, which is why you
don't see them at our website.

Explainer Video: About the Magick! : Exclusively from Pazzaria Productions Epic Fantasy Studio

This is theme music that generally describe the worlds of Pazzaria Productions:
Pazzaria Productions Theme Music by Daniel L Rappaport


I would also, very much like to talk about artistic creativity, here, as I believe that this discussion may warrant it?

I don't have any magical or mystical creative powers. I suppose that I have certain creative "gifts" that allow me to do what it is that I do?

If there are those out there who are frustrated that they can't do something, I would advise them to work through it, jump in with two feet, and work at it.

My background is digital media. I have about 20-25 years of experience with it, and am quite proficient and many Adobe Creative Cloud programs.

Do you think that I just walked up to Photoshop one day, and started creating logos, editorial, etc..?? Heck no!

It took me a very long time (perhaps over a year) to learn that program.

After Effects is no easy walk in the park either.

The fact that Adobe CC can do so much just makes my creativity explode, in a good way.

Work at it. That's the only way that you will be able to master anything.


I hope that the above helped!

Feel free to comment below and reach out with more!

Thanks so much!

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