Wednesday, April 18, 2018

An Innovative Marketing Thrust!

An Innovative Marketing Thrust

by Daniel L Rappaport

Hello all! Pazzaria Productions is back with full force! We have been absent a bit, as we were researching some best business practices. Rest assured, we aren't going anywhere anytime soon. 

Please expect regular and periodic postings to this blog, as news becomes available!

So, marketing is, in truth, a total machine. You insert social media, e-mail, news content, etc... into one end of it and (provided you have a great product to back it up with) out the other end, money should come.

Think of it as creating your own ATM that prints money.

How is Pazzaria Productions doing so, and what have we learned?

The way that we are moving forward is definitely a “no holds barred” approach. As one studies online marketing, there are often two schools of thought for social media. One is to only utilize a limited number of accounts, that are best for your niche, and focus on those.

The other is to spread yourself out amongst as many as you can handle. Pazzaria Productions is going to move forward with this approach.


Because you never know what parts of your future audience are hiding under these stones.
Google+ and Pinterest are, arguably, less popular then Facebook and Twitter, but could hold tremendous traffic value.

Social bookmarking sites, such as Reddit and Stumbleupon are also excellent traffic generators.

We can pretty much automate a lot of this with IFTT.

Another big key is that of consistency. Posting and interacting with your audience, on a regular basis (should be at least a few times a day) is how you build that audience.

Another big part of this is e-mail marketing. This is where you give away an important piece  of downloadable content, that has to do with your mission statement, products, etc... in return for an e-mail address.

You then send out pertinent e-mails, to your list, about 3-4 times a week, selling your products.

Of course, you also want to create press releases, and then post those on your website, in an archival type of format, as they are fantastic for SEO.

Distribute those accordingly.

As well, just look at this blog! Notice that ad at the top? It's there for a reason.

When an article is published, it is then pinged out to several different services, as well as
created into a post, and published out to all of my social media profiles, as mentioned above.

Do everything listed above, with consistency and passion, and you can totally make money.

Thanks so much for reading. 


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