Saturday, September 2, 2017

Why We Have Chosen iBooks Publishing

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By Daniel L Rappaport

The publishing tool for iBooks is called iBooks Author. Its initial release was on January 19, 2012. On that day, not only my life, but the life of Pazzaria Productions changed forever.

Now, there was and still is a way to utilize the elegance, ease of use and total beauty of the rock solid Apple system to publish interactive books.

If you know how to use any of Apple’s other pieces of software, the learning curve for this isn’t that large at all. It’s very accessible, and provides a really easy way for people to publish their work.

Alongside iBooks Author is a piece of software, that you access through Apple’s system, called iTunes Producer. This is the software that takes your finished iBook, sample iBook, metadata and pricing information, collates it all, and sends it to iTunes for publishing. Your iBooks are also available worldwide. If you need to update them, that’s a cinch as well.

And, it’s really easy to pass their guidelines to do so! I would certainly research what categories are in the iBooks Store, and pick a topic to publish. Apple’s pretty lenient here. I would guess that (and I am no final word), but, as long as you aren’t creating books on how to build bombs, steps to become a Nazi, or anything to do with porn (as examples) you should be in the clear.

In terms of book design, I couldn’t be happier. Apple provides you with about twenty four templates to choose from. If going off of a template is your thing, start from scratch! You are more then welcome to do so!

Another really brilliant thing about iBooks are that right after the book cover, you have the option of including a video. This could be an introductory pieces to the rest of the work, perhaps information about you, or your company, a “how-to” on a particular subject that pertains to the work, etc… A really fantastic piece of extremely easy to use software, for video creation, is Adobe Spark Video.

As you fill out your iBook with your words and images, you will, no doubt, come across one of my favorite pieces of the software - the widgets. Apple calls this portion - Interactive magic in every book. I totally agree. You are able to insert Keynote presentations, interactive images and galleries, scrolling sidebars, pop overs, other pieces of media, chapter reviews, and even 3D images (created in a 3D program, outside of iBooks Author), as well as HTML modules.

The sky’s the limit!

The end result of the iBook just works so beautifully, and seamlessly within the world of Apple devices. 
iBooks can be viewed on iPhones, iPads and Macintosh computers.

I don’t really know of any other ecosystem that is as rock solid, easy to use, has telephone and e-mail support, and is as end to end as this. This is one Apple product where, as usual, it’s a complete idea and works extremely well.

One last thing. IT’S ALL TOTALLY FREE!


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