Thursday, August 24, 2017

The Making of

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By Daniel L Rappaport

When I set out to find a great platform for our website, I wanted to choose something that was simple to use, easy to manage, looked amazing, and was great for the user.

Post is for social media. Video is for video creation and Page is for website design.

This suite is designed specifically for the small business owner, who, maybe, wouldn’t be able to afford a design team to create their marketing materials.

At Pazzaria Productions, we are also, always, looking for ways to innovate, to create material that we find really interesting, and perhaps something that the competition isn’t quite thinking of.

With Page, I  was able to create these really awesome animations, that move as you scroll down the website. I have used this to great effect, when showcasing the full, touch screen animations that are present in The Legend of the Lost Rose iBook (coming soon). For about the past month, once a week, I have debuted a different animation, from a different chapter.

Page also allows you to be incredibly organized. With these modules called “glideshows”, I am able to break up the website, in a meaningful way, to showcase this blog, our online shop, as well as “coming soon” products.

Another really amazing thing about the software is that whatever you create, it is immediately responsive. This means that in one shot, your website is ready for desktop, smartphone and tablet. This isn’t to say that you shouldn’t test on all three platforms. You need to. But, if an adjustment needs to be made, you do so once. Not three or four times.

For color and design, for the top of the page, the logo and fantasy style background serve as a wonderful cover, that immediately sets the tone of the site. As you scroll through, I came up with this green, sparkly background that I am really loving.

At the very bottom of the site, I feature contact information, as well as links to social media and Creative Commons protection.

While it doesn’t give you a whole lot of analytics, you can know what your hit count is. Within about a month, I have over 17,000 hits. People really seem to love it, and are getting a lot out of it.

If you want to put up a website very quickly, have something that is easy to maneuver, has some awesome animation features, and looks gorgeous, I highly recommend using Adobe Spark Page. 

Oh yes. Did I mention that it’s FREE?!

Happy creating!

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