Tuesday, July 11, 2017

About the Pazzaria Productions Logo Corporate Design

Pazzaria Productions Logo Progression

by Daniel L Rappaport

When initially setting out to create the Pazzaria Productions logo, we wanted something fantastical, unique, as well as something that spoke about the whole company in one icon.  So, we set out to do this in a fairly simple way.
Using the single "P" seemed to be a great way to go.  This also enforces the name of the company, in a memorable way.

Once we knew this, we set out to research fonts and colors.  Pretty early on, we knew that we wanted to have the green, transitioning into the purple, transitioning into the brown.  Green and purple are used all over the place, in fantasy. The brown is ground the piece, and to give it a feeling of growing.

The "P" is made up of three different fonts, overlaid, with the best parts selected, to give our message.  There is one, very famous magical company where the inspiration is quite present. Can you guess what it is?!

After we had a black and white icon, we then scanned that into Adobe Photoshop, and added the color with the gradient tool.  We then applied a chiseled bevel effect.
In terms of the wording for "Pazzaria Productions" we felt that placing the large "P" over the company name would give it a nice flow.

The Goudy Old Style, set in gray, stuck with our logo for a very long time. To this day, we quite enjoy it.  Then, Adobe Spark Page changed everything.  In one of their templates, they have a font called Storybook.  We felt that this font spoke much more to the spirit of the company.  We also changed the color of it from gray to purple, to fit in better with the "P".

So, that's our company logo!

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